An Evaluation of Well-Being in the French Regions from a Sustainable Development Viewpoint

By Patrice Braconnier, Gilles Caire, Romuald Dupuy, Eliane Jahan, Pierre Le Masne, Sophie Nivoix

This paper evaluates well-being in the French regions. To measure well-being, a composite index is used in preference to per-capita GDP. The index of well-being in the French regions in a sustainable development approach has three dimensions: economic, social, and environmental as well as 22 variables. It is estimated for all 22 French regions. It shows the multidimensional character of well-being, with a different focus from that of per-capita GDP. JEL Codes: I31, Q01, R10


  • well-being
  • sustainable development
  • index
  • French regions
  • evaluation
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