Wage Stimulant, Hierarchical Control and Productive Behavior: Analysis from a Panel Rolled by Companies of the Branch Forestry Development of Gabon

By Gabriel Zomo Yebe

The goal of the present paper is to examine the productive behavior of a balanced panel of companies operating in forestry development in Gabon in order to improve forestry policy. To this end, we estimate, on the one hand, a production space taking into account traditional factors, including capital and labor, and, on the other, managerial incentives such as salary and hierarchical control. We measure the levels of technical inefficiency that ensue for each company. Our results show that managerial incentives have a positive effect on production. By reducing inefficiency, they constitute a credible alternative to fiscal policy. JEL Codes: C23, L52, H32


  • wage stimulant
  • hierarchical control
  • efficiency
  • forestry development
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