The Weapons Industry in Russia:

Collapse or Rebirth?
By Jacques Fontanel, Alexandre Karlik

The current development of Russia is not based on the values of military production since the country does not meet the essential conditions for an arms race. However, older weapons remain present in Russia. Moreover, the military sector depends fundamentally on the level of economic development and on national capacities in terms of human resources, capital, and R&D. While President Putin wishes for democratic modernization, the fact is that the stock of capital has collapsed, the arms industry is in ruins, technological development is lagging behind, the economy is very weak, foreign investment is insufficient, corruption is pervasive through all segments of social life, and both educational and healthcare systems are deteriorating. Nonetheless, Russia could rearm and quickly become once again an important power because there is in the country a strong culture of military mobilization. The military system could live again. Its mechanism is damaged, but it could be repaired.


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