Responsible innovation

Responsible innovation
No 59, 2019/2 - 280 pages

“Responsibility” is embedded in the center of the innovation process in two ways: on the one hand, by posing the upstream consideration of potential impacts on social well-being as a sine qua non criterion, or, on the other hand, by using social and environmental goals as the starting point for innovation. The purpose of innovation can no longer be considered only as technological, it de facto incorporates the principle of responsibility. Responsible innovation thus takes a prominent place, more or less extensive and differently interpreted, in innovation and research policies throughout the world. Faced with the diversity of interpretations, both theoretical and methodological, this issue of Innovations, Revue d’Economie et de Management de l’Innovation aims to bring together the latest research on the subject in order to better understand the singularities and the potential of responsible innovations.




Pages 275 to 280