The interplay of institutional logics at the launch of a drive service at a large-scale food retailer

By Solène Juteau

This research will analyze the interplay of institutional logics following the creation of a click and collect service, also called Drive in large-scale food retailing. We ask the following research question: How does an interplay of institutional logics unfold after the adoption of an organizational innovation within a preexisting organization? To answer this question, we have led an interpretive study based on a single case study at the launch of the service. The case has been anonymized. We have collected primary data in the form of semi directive interviews and secondary data based on observations and document analyses. Doing so, we characterize a processual model in three phases specifying the conditions of emergence of new organizational and institutional modalities within the Drive and the store.
JEL Codes: O330, M150, L20

  • Institutional Logics
  • Digital Innovation
  • Agrifood
  • Organisation
  • Case Study
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