Internal Fablab: What effects on the organizational context? The case of a consulting firm

By Sandra Fagbohoun

In this research, we seek to identify the effects of an internal Fablab (or company Fablab) on the organizational context in which it is set up, so that creative ideas become innovations. While the literature has mainly focused on analyzing this type of system in industrial companies, we have chosen to investigate this question in a consulting firm, whose business is, by nature, immaterial. Our exploratory qualitative study shows that this system, and particularly the freedom of action and the development of knowledge that it promotes, produces effects on the three dimensions of the organizational context of the company studied, without, however, appearing to be permanent. The discussion returns to the ephemeral dimension of internal Fablabs and the role of such management devices in organizations.
JEL Code: O

  • Internal Fablab
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Context
  • Case Study
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