Implementing an employee-driven innovation device as a management tool in an innovative design approach

By Arthur Klein, Thomas Paris

Research on employee-driven innovation focuses on how the organization opens up the generation of ideas to all its members. This refers to various devices such as suggestion boxes, challenges, hackathons, etc. Research on these devices focuses on their categorization, on the conditions required for them to play the role assigned to them, or even on the evaluation of their results. But few works have considered them as management tools, aimed at having an effect on an organization, and which can be adapted, adjusted according to the response of the organization. This article focuses on the implementation of an innovation contest in an organization. It is based on a case study carried out in an action research configuration, centered on an employee-driven innovation device at Lagardère. It highlights the challenges of implementing these systems in organizations and shows that a management approach treating them as management tools and objects of innovation can prove to be fertile.
JEL Codes: O310

  • Participatory Innovation
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Innovation Competition
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Management Tool.
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