Capacities and Innovation Policies in the Less Developed Countries: Lessons from the Case of Senegal

By Vanessa Casadella, Sofiane Tahi


Innovation policies are essential to coordinate actors, resources and activities that generate innovations for a development that meets the aspirations of people in different territories. These policies are often positioned as a knowledge support transformation to technological changes in the development of Southern economies. These policies are conceived through building innovation capacities but also capabilities allowing better development of individuals and communities. This article aims to analyze the relationship between capacity/capabilities, innovation policies and economic development in the less developed countries (L.D.C.). We will show how the constitution of innovation policies in the broad sense is fundamental in L.D.C. before drawing recommendations for the case of Senegal.JEL Codes : O31


  • innovation
  • development
  • Senegal
  • competencies
  • capacities
  • capabilities
  • Africa
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