Towards a management of public governance tensions in health care institutions? A proposal for a response through the analysis of proximities

By Laurent Mériade, Corinne Rochette, Damien Talbot

Public governance tensions (TGP) have been particularly apparent in French health care institutions over the past two decades. Mazouz, Tardif (2010) have proposed a framework to explain these tensions at four levels of analysis, which focus on institutions, organization, management framework and management tools. On the other hand, this model provides little explanation of how these tensions arise. The purpose of this article is to fill this gap by seeking to identify the factors that lead to the emergence, or even management, of TGP in health care facilities in France. To do this, we mobilize the work of the School of Proximity, which is based on the assertion that the closer the actors are, the more likely they are to interact. We apply these two analytical frameworks to the case of a French Cancer Control Centre. Our initial results suggest ways of understanding the emergence of these tensions based on proximity specific to health care facilities. JEL Codes: I1, M1

  • Health Establishments
  • Tensions
  • Proximity
  • CLCC
  • Management
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