Collaborative spaces and business clubs: Two types of networks for collaborative innovation

By Clément Marinos

What distinguishes a collaborative working space from a business club ? The general objective of this paper is to highlight some similarities between these two types of network. The main hypothesis defended can be summarized as follows : collaborative spaces mainly co-working spaces, would rely on the same key concepts as business clubs to support the innovative approaches of their members, although their modalities differ. Without neglecting their differences, we show that both contribute to the innovation process by promoting the transmission of tacit knowledge, the emergence of social capital and by playing the role of intermediary platform. Our approach is mainly based on two surveys : the first on business club members and the second on collaborative spaces entrepreneurs. We show that behind an apparent novelty, the collaborative mechanisms are close to each other. JEL Codes: M13, O31, D71


  • collaborative spaces
  • business clubs
  • collaborative innovation
  • intermediation
  • social capital
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