Gathering Marketing Information through Crowdsourcing: The Case of Clic and Walk

By Sophie Renault

The omnipresence of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) offers the possibility for organizations to have recourse to a particular supplier: the crowd. This is called crowdsourcing. It consists in outsourcing tasks to a large network of Internet users. With crowdsourcing, everyone from the crowd may offer their skills and resources to generate value for an organization. While the contribution of the crowd can be used in many ways, our research focuses specifically on the mobilization of the crowd in a marketing information gathering process. From a qualitative perspective, based on the case study of Clic and Walk, we analyze the characteristics and issues associated with this form of crowdsourcing.JEL Codes: O32


  • crowdsourcing
  • outsourcing
  • crowdmarketing
  • information gathering
  • marketing
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