Putting Innovation to the Offshoring Test: The French Textile Industry

By Dalila Messaoudi

The relationships between industrial cities and industrial companies have undergone important changes with the major economic shifts in French society. Transfers of production have largely disrupted the French industrial landscape, and the textile industry is an emblematic example of this disruption, with a slump in jobs and the offshoring of plants. The aim of this paper is to contribute to a better understanding of this transformation. Severely challenged by basic goods produced in low-cost countries, the French textile industry seeks a solution through increased research, development, and quality control. The solution would appear to come from niche markets that are less accessible and that have higher added values. The rise of emerging markets is an opportunity for these niche players. A perennial existence would appear to be at stake rather than cost reduction at any price.JEL Codes : L6, L60


  • industrial city
  • enterprises
  • outsourcing
  • relocation
  • attractiveness
  • globalization
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