Innovating in a Proximity Organized by Inter-Territorial Governance: The Atlantic Nautical Network

By Bernard Guesnier

A new form of territorialization of innovative economic activities has been emerging for about a decade, founded on the cognitive economy. It is not constrained to specific locations, as would have been the case with clusters, the Italian industrial districts, and the localized productive systems. This implicates new modalities of territorial governance. The Atlantic Nautical Network (ANN) illustrates this strategy: it is an original inter-regional public policy initiative with the objective of gathering the know-how, abilities, and skills for innovation in the nautical industry of Atlantic regions. The ANN, supported by the circulation of information and the knowledge economy, intends to create a robust link between research, training, technology, production, and consumption.


  • innovation
  • knowledge
  • creativity
  • territories
  • governance
  • networks
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