Divergences within the Technical-Scientific Component of the New Sectoral System of Innovation of Doubly Green Chemistry

By Estelle Garnier, Romain Debref

The highlighting of multiple pollutions and chemical accidents, together with the growing strength of social demand for the development of activities that are more in tune with sustainable development principles, is orienting the chemistry sector towards new practices and products in the last two decades. In particular, new products and processes are being developed within this sector that are designed according to sustainable principles (the 12 principles of green chemistry) and based on renewable bio-resources. It is what we call “Doubly Green Chemistry” (2GC) (Nieddu et al., 2010). This paper aims to investigate the existence of a convergence or divergence of the technical-scientific components of the new sectoral system of innovation (SSI) of Doubly Green Chemistry. Our theoretical framework relates to current “sustainability transition management” (Grin et al., 2010). We conduct this study on two levels within this sector: academic and industrial development. Our investigations have led us to the conclusion that there is in fact sustainable support for the diversity of technological pathways developed for this sector.


  • economics and management of science
  • economics and management of innovation
  • technological transition
  • green chemistry
  • chemistry of biomass
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