An Innovative and Powerful Paradigm to Tackle the Management Crisis: “Servant Leadership”

By Daniel Belet

This paper introduces an innovative leadership paradigm which is not well known in France: “servant leadership.” This management philosophy appears particularly interesting and adequate not only to propose an alternative to the present personnel management crisis but also to improve the economic and social performances of most organizations. Its principles and practices are more ethical and satisfying for personnel. They also give the opportunity to better mobilize the potential talents of all employees. In the current context of crisis of the traditional, hierarchical and bureaucratic management systems inherited from the “industrial age,” this innovative leadership paradigm opens up the way to a new, humanistic management that could much better reconcile both the needs of economic efficiency and the well-being of employees at work.
JEL Codes: L21, L26


  • leadership
  • servant leadership
  • management crisis
  • humanistic ethics
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