The Building Sector Facing the Challenges of Sustainable Development: Rationales for Innovation or a Problem of Change?

By Philippe Deshayes

The sustainable development shock in the construction sector illustrates clearly the close links between innovation, professional practices, and representations by the various stockholders. The paper raises the issue of knowing whether the changes that are taking place in the building sector should focus on the question of innovation, which is derived from the dominant industrial growth model. The building sector can alternatively be seen as an opportunity to challenge this industrial model and, more broadly, both business practices and social practices. Can the building and construction sector be considered a relevant example for reflecting on revising industrial practices in order to meet the current and future challenges posed by sustainable development? JEL codes: L14, L22, L74, O33, Q01


  • building sector
  • sustainable development
  • competitiveness
  • innovation
  • stakeholder
  • business practices
  • social practices
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