Development of the Liquefied Natural Gas Global Market and Stakeholders’ Strategies: A Comparative Study of the Strategies of Algeria, Qatar, And Russia

By Benabbou Senouci

Since the 1960s, the gas industry has asserted its role as a worldwide energy source. This article offers a comparative study between three liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporting countries: Algeria, Qatar and Russia. The rise of natural gas market led the three countries to invest heavily (in varying degrees) in the sector to increase production. Beyond the OPEC public position on gas, facts show that between the three countries there are much more competition and competitiveness than cooperation for the future of this gas OPEC. Algeria is challenging Qatar and Russia as a leader in gas exports in the world and the three countries’ strategies do not yet converge yet. JEL Codes: L12, O57, Q41


  • Gazprom
  • LNG
  • LNG spot market
  • gas
  • OPEC
  • Qatargas
  • RasGas
  • Sonatrach
  • strategy
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