The Myriapod’s Soul: The Multiplying of Things and Law of Creativity

By Valerius M. Ciucă, Aurora Ciucă

Starting from the statement that, especially in Europe, creativity becomes an ontological dominant of humankind, transforming it in a real-individual and collectiveidentity element, the authors are trying to introduce the legal organic concept of 'the law of creativity’ ipso facto replacing the ambiguous and non-appropriate 'law of industrial property’ with all the welcome juridical consequences that could devolve from it. At the same time, the authors are proposing the creation of legal European specialized courts in creativity law which can have the competence to judge all the rights related to inventiveness (called by the authors 'real creativity') and all the rights issued from innovations ( 'adaptative creativity’ in their opinion). JEL codes: K4, K11, 034


  • creativity
  • intellectual property
  • organic law
  • law of creativity
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