Strategies of Large Pharmaceutical Groups in Dealing with Generic Drugs

Accumulation Versus Monetization of the Knowledge Capital
By Nejla Yacoub, Blandine Laperche

What are the strategies adopted by large pharmaceutical firms (Big Pharma) in dealing with the globalized generics competition? This paper focuses on the arbitration these firms make between knowledge-capital accumulation and knowledge-capital valorization strategies. The knowledge-capital is defined as the set of information, knowledge, know-how that a firm produces, acquires, combines and systemizes to be used in the value production process. Big Pharma are short term profit oriented, favoring the objective of valorization of their existing knowledge-capital while their objectives of accumulation of knowledge-capital are targeted on minor innovation. JEL codes: L12, L21, L65


  • Big Pharma strategies
  • generic drugs
  • innovation
  • knowledge-capital
  • patents
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