Innovation and the Efficiency of Protecting Its Technologies: The Case of Metallurgy Engineering Firms

By Laurent Muller


Technology, which is the result of innovative processes, is not only a substantial tool for developing influence in the metallurgical market, but it can even be seen as a strategic or competitive asset. This more practice-oriented study focuses on engineering companies selling technologies to produce cast iron. From a purely economic viewpoint, such trade provides the best opportunities for the engineering companies if it is performed through technology transfers, i.e. a patent with a license contract. However, concerns about technology protection often lead engineering companies to not follow this scheme of technology transfers but rather to engage in technology diffusion. Thus, engineering companies are selling entire products or equipment, integrating the specific technology, as hardware directly to their customers. JEL L14, O32, L24.


  • metallurgy
  • innovation
  • technology
  • protection of innovations / technologies
  • patent
  • protection by secrecy
  • strategies for protecting technologies
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